Drop Malicious IP Addresses with Mikrotik.

StatBox is able to manage Filter Rules of your Mikrotik Router.
Abuse Database: 569,390 malicious IPs.
Blocked by Customers: 0.768+ millions malicious requests.
Malicious IPs
Origin of Malicious IPs - last 6 hours
Top 10 of Malicious IPs - last 24 hours
IP Address Banned Country City ASN ISP
Mikrotik Router
Addresses List
Filter Rule
How to join
  • You host one of our products: VideoCacheBox, eXtended Cache Center or DnsBox
  • Your router is a Mikrotik
  • You provide the Mikrotik IP and an account/pwd (full rights) to push Filter Rules
  • You decide for malicious IPs attacking your server(s) and/or additional IPs from our Abuse database
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Need more details
  • Drop us an email: support@unveiltech.com
  • Join us on Skype: unveiltechsupportteam