Statistics Compiler and Mikrotik Security Rules

UnveilTech StatBox is software appliance that combines 2 key features:
  • The first feature allows you to create different statistics based on log data collected from your UnveilTech servers (VCB, XCC and DnsBox)
  • The second feature will help you to protect your network from malicious attacks by automatically creating rules in your Mikrotik router
With Statistic feature, UnveilTech StatBox will collect activities log data from your UnveilTech appliances to compile data (up to 1 year) into graphical charts in order to get a clear understanding of all UnveilTech servers activities.
In addition to Statistic feature, the Mikrotik Security Rules Updater from UnveilTech StatBox will be able to automatically create and update security rules of your Mikrotik router based on malicious and/or unauthorized IP addresses. Thus your network will be protected from worldwide known malicious IP addresses and also against unwanted IP addresses in your network.
Configuration and management of your UnveilTech StatBox are easily done with a built-in Graphical Web Console.
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Main Features
  • Statistics up to 1 year
  • Informations about linked servers
  • Details and charts about malicious/unauthorized IPs
  • Automaticaly create/update Mikrotik Router Filter Rules
  • Summarize view of unlimited linked servers
  • Realtime graphes to understand your network usage with no effort
Dedicated Server
  • Intel I3 or compatible
  • Compatible virtual system (Vmware, etc...)
  • 2GB RAM minimal
    Hard Disk:
  • SSD 64 GB minimal
    Network Interfaces:
  • 1 NIC
    Compatible Products:
  • VideoCacheBox
  • eXtended Cache Center
  • DnsBox
Note: If you want to use Mikrotik Security Rules Updater only, you can connect to our cloud server to get automatic updates. Dedicated Statbox server is not mandatory.
Screen Shots
New Server
Malicious IPs
Filter Rules
Login Failures
Login Failures Statistics
Mikrotik Addresses List
Mikrotik Filter Rule